Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wine Induced Error in Judgement

Feeling big time guilty this morning gang. It seems like I have had decent restriction since my first fill and my portion sizes are much smaller and I have really been watching what I eat as well. I was even down two more pounds yesterday bringing me to 248 which is only 10 pounds s to my next goal of 238 or the 10% mark. Anyway, Dave and I had a nice dinner at home, turkey meatloaf, salad, small glass of wine before dinner and then decided to head out for the evening. We live in a really popular area just to the north of Detroit and were heading to our neighboring city of Ferndale to check out their "Blues Fest". We ended up at Como's which is a super popular Pizza place and hung out at the bar and listened a pretty good blues band. We met a very nice couple at the bar and started drinking and having a nice time talking with them.  Well, 3 glasses of wine later (BIG GLASSES) and quite a buzz, I was starving and needed some "filler" to soak up some of the wine, so what do I do? I order a Pizza! Cheese, pepperoni and mushrooms. And  I was "able" without any problem whatsoever to eat a two small slices!  I think what is bothering me more than the fact that I did it is that I "can" do it. I really hope this restriction gets me through to my next fill with some significant weight loss.

Anyway I  will  try not to dwell too much on my wine induced error in judgement and remember what Scarlet O' Hara said: "after all tomorrow is another day".


  1. Linda,, did you have a good time? are you supposed to always put your life on hold..NO.. Put it behind you. You already have a plan for the upcoming week.. it happened. let it go.. I think you got the right idea.. Tomorrow is another day.

  2. Linda, Good attitude, it's a Band not a Ban and it's a lifestyle we can live with forever. That includes indulging yourself once in awhile...learn to do that without the guilt so at least you're really enjoying that indulgence at the time. Feeling deprived is a recipe for disaster. I'm glad the 'I can' worried you more, great attitude.

  3. I second Band Groupie's comments. I too beat myself up and try to remember not to. As I have been told, strive for 90 percent and really live the other 10. PS - unfortunately I do think that drinking wine loosens things up down there a bit.

  4. Amen. Smile at the good time you had and move on. We can be so hard on ourselves. Just keep walking, it seems to me like you're doing so great!

  5. Ahh....... Fashionable Ferndale :) I go a few times a year myself.. a few of my book club cronies live there :)

    Don't sweat the pizza, my friend. How many slices would you have eaten a year ago? More than 2, I bet. I totally agree with Band Groupie.... indulgences once in a while are needed.

    Honestly... I made my kids a cake this week, and at one point, I could hear it screaming my name from the kitchen. So.. I walked over, and cut a "normal" slice (not the 1/4 cake that I would have 2 years ago) slowly and deliberately ate it, and the cake stopped screaming, and my craving was satisfied... and gone. It took the kids 3 more days to eat that cake, I never looked at it again. AND... I'm down 2 pounds this week. I don't feel one iota of guilt... I would have, if I had eaten more than the one slice. But I didn't... and for that, I am proud ;)

    I'm proud of you too!!