Thursday, March 11, 2010

2nd Fill and hoping it makes more of a difference

I had my second fill yesterday. He put in .75cc which brings me to about 4.25cc in a 10cc band. I am hoping this one makes a difference! Met a bunch of bandsters in his office and at support group last night. Of the 4 people I met, all of who had been banded over a year and a half ago, there were two at 70+ pounds, one at 90 and one at only 30 pounds.  The one that only lost 30 in two years was in her 60's and that may have had something to do with it.

Let's hope this fill it the ticket! Or at least it will be closer to it! More news later...Cheers!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Lane Bryant Bathing Suits

I have been away from blogging, both reading yours and writing mine for a few weeks now. I am still really busy with my Dad. Doing lots of back and fourth between the rehab-nursing center and hospital on a regular basis. Believe me it never ends. But he seems to be dealing with it all pretty well emotionally but not yet regaining much strength.

So to deal with the “stress” I have wanted to revert back to one of the things that has always made me feel better emotionally. Go shopping. Now I know our one of our goals is to say goodbye to Layne Bryant forever, but I am honestly not there yet, (still holding at 245 lbs, my next fill is in two weeks where I hope to see some changes soon after) Anyway, they have something new that I think is just a great idea and I had to go out and get one today. It’s a bathing suit with a built in under wire (plunge style) bra in actual bra sizes! Lane Bryant’s 'plunge style' is their answer to Victoria Secrets push up. There is nothing worse for me than wearing a regular bathing suit that flattens me out and gives me pancake boobs, and this top does not! It actually gives me cleavage holds the girls up nicely.
 This is the top and bottom I bought:

So, now I have this great bathing suit and have nowhere to wear it because Florida at this point isn’t looking like a real probability this spring. Not yet anyway. So, that would mean that the soonest I would wear it here is in June, 4 months away. A lot could change body wise in 4 months. So, I bought it tight, and I have the option to take it back within 60 days if I want. So I figure if I see a significant change in two months, I will return it and go one more size down.

So glad spring is around the corner!