Thursday, April 30, 2009

Positive Reinforcement and Golf?

John Daly in the swing with his new bod and clothes!

I feel like I am being an approval seeker. But I guess the more positive reinforcement I get about the Lap Band, the better I feel about it. I went to see my beloved Russian PCP yesterday to tell her about my decision to do the Lap Band and she gave me her blessing and thinks it is a good idea. I really respect her and like her so much. She is going to go through my files and try to put together enough documentation in order to move up the surgery so I don't have to wait 6 months. Keep your fingers crossed! Then, my husband went and saw his gastrointestinal doctor this week and mentioned that I am considering the surgery and he too gave his thumbs up about the surgery! He especially likes it because it is helpful with GERD. Last night my total jock brother called me to tell me he saw something on the golf channel about the golfer John Daly having just lost 40 lbs due to recent lap band surgery. So that is all my brother needed to hear...thus another thumbs up!! Check out his outfit? I love it! Maybe this will prompt me to dye my hair blond and wear pink and orange someday? Why not!!


  1. Wow, I will have to google that. He is looking much better! OOOH, i hope your PCP comes through and you dont have to wait 6 months. That would have been really hard for me...since I want things now now now...

  2. Those are my some of my favorite words. . now now now along with me me me! lol

  3. Good luck... and wow - quite an outfit!!!

  4. Thanks for posting a comment, prompted me to update my blog.

    In my latest post, you'll see I can totally relate to your dreaming of not having to shop in the "big girls" department :-), also about now, now, now and me, me, me LOL

    Hope you get approval for surgery soon ! My only regret is having the surgery sooner.