Monday, May 4, 2009

Plus Size Teens Have Rights Too!

OK, I'm a little angry this morning. I happened to catch a national news segment this morning with Emme (Plus Size Model) and this absolute bitch Meme Roth who runs an organization called NAAO or National Action Against Obesity. They were discussing whether or not is is a good thing that Forever 21 and Target are both launching plus size lines this spring geared toward the teen market. Emme's point is that is is good for larger size teens to have a better selection of clothing that will make them feel like they fit in with their peers and will give them a better sense of self esteem. Meme Roth argued that is is a bad idea and that the concentration should be to get younger adults to eat better and lose weight and that by offering these extended sizes to teens will just keep them from trying to lose weight. This I must add is from a women who is maybe a size 2 and I am sure has never struggled with a weight issue. OK, obviously we are all fighting and against obesity here. Otherwise we wouldn't be willing to risk our lives and go to the ultimate drastic measure and have WLS in one form or another. But to have this skinny little bitch make judgements against obese people and say that we basically not worthy of wearing cute clothes really pisses me off. And the fact that she is gearing this attitude toward teen girls specifically is even more outrageous. I am an adult and can stand up for myself. But teen girls are so impressionable and sensitive and even more so if they struggle with weight issues. What I wouldn't have given to have some cute clothing lines to wear when I was younger and moving beyond the size 13 pants in the junior department. Back then, there was NOTHING to wear or buy in the plus department. Plus size back then = matronly and polyester. I am not saying we are not in an obesity epidemic in this country. We are. Everywhere I go I see fellow fatties. But I don't think the way to tackle this is to try to make young heavy-set girls feel worse about themselves than they already do.


  1. Wow...I am glad I didnt see this on the news this morning bc it would have pissed me off as well. I might youtube it later to see if I can find it. It also makes me want to cry. Does said skinny bitch think that if we force fat people to wear hideous age INNappropriate clothing they will lose weight? They will try and then hate themselves even more and then gain more weight. Shoot, welcome to my life! On the other hand, I am psyched about Target! I didnt know that. I knew about forever 21, but we dont have one of those here! Thanks for posting!

  2. I am with you 100%! When I was young my step-mom made me wear men's clothing because it was cheaper than plus-sized clothes!!! Not to mention the clothes I might have bought would have been something my grandma would have bought (love her dearly but we're from VERY different generations, lol!!).