Friday, December 4, 2009

Time Off? & "pre" Buyers Remorse Anyone?

I am curious how much time off work everyone took after surgery? One gal, Tracy is going on 3 weeks! My surgery is on a Friday and I am hoping to be back in the office for a few hours by the following Tuesday.  It is a family business, so it is flexible, but I need to be there. Nothing heavy duty, just a few hours at my desk, and if I am tired, head home...or take a cat nap in my Dad's office. I am sure it will all depend on how things go, I know everyone is different.
Also wondering if any of you got really scared before surgery? I am really freaking out about the surgery itself and the lifestyle changes ahead of me. OMG...sliming and PB ing! The thought of a foreign object inside my body! The only thing that keeps me on track is when I look at the pictures I posted last post. Especially the side view...A picture is worth a thousand words. When I look at that picture, the word that comes to mind is "rotund".

What did you do to calm the nerves? Did you have pre-buyers-remorse?


  1. I would think that YMMV, but I went in for surgery at 9am, was back in the car at noon, and could have worked that evening.

    I had surgery on Thursday, and certainly could have worked on Saturday.

    3 weeks? Wow..... I'd love to have 3 weeks off, only problem? I'd be bored by day 4!

    Sliming and PB suck.... they do, but they're also (not so gentle) reminders if you don't eat properly, you'll be in trouble.

    My only pre-buyers remorse was the thought of surgery..... it does have risks. But, honestly, I sailed right through. It was wonderful, and I don't regret even a second! (well.... then again.... there was a sliming incident 2 days ago.....) (teasing you.... even though there was a sliming incident, it did kick me back into gear!)

    Take care!!!


  2. My surgery was on a Friday. I was back at work Monday. Tuesday I mowed the lawn after work with a non-self-propelled push mower. I had no pain. It was very much a non-event. It's different for everyone, though. Some people may have complications that you're not aware of.

  3. I had my surgery on a Thursday and took the entire following week off. I had planned to go back to work by that following Wednesday, but I would just get so exhausted being up for just a few hours. I know it's different for everyone though so it's great that your job is flexible :)

    I agree with Karen about all the surgery stuff. PBing and sliming do suck, but are reminders. I think it's completely normal to second guess if you are making the right choice before surgery. I was self pay so I definitely felt that way. I've been banded for just over 6 months and I wouldn't go back and change anything for a second!

  4. Linda -

    I was terrified right before surgery, I think I even wrote a blog post about it. Every reassured me that I was making the right decision. Let me tell you, the surgery itself was a breeze. I had all of these irrational fears about waking up during surgery etc. My anesthesiologist assured me that wasn't possible. Worst part for me was the shoulder pain after surgery, but a) this doesn't happen to everyone and b) it went away with pain meds, walking and within a week. BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE FOR MYSELF! I'm down 73 pounds in a little over 4 months. Wouldn't ever have done that without the surgery. Seriously, you'll work your way though it, it will be great!!

  5. I had surgery on Wednesday and went back to some desk work the following Wednesday and it took me 2 days to recover so I didn't go back until my scheduled work day, the following Wednesday. Total I had off two weeks and went in just to try but it didn't work out. I went back to my mostly standing position after two weeks and was pretty much 100%!

    I was VERY scared before surgery but just held onto my thoughts of the future. My daughter happened to wake up while we were leaving and that was BAD. She was overtired (5am!) and crying, begging me to stay... that was way too hard :( It was nice to kiss her good bye though.

    You'll be great!!

  6. I was also really scared before surgery!
    I am over 3 months post op and I have only PB twice. You will be fine and when your band starts working for you, you will be thrilled.

  7. Linda, my surgeon's office normally says 2-3 weeks. However, if you push them and are doing ok they will release you in a week.

    My "problem" is that I work for a big company and am covered by disability insurance. If I am released I will be expected to go back full time. I can't just do a couple hours here and there or test the waters out by trying a day. And honestly once I go back (after my three weeks) I will probably be pushed to do a full work week plus a few more hours and they might even want me to travel. My doctor knows this which is why with my fatigue they are being careful.

    I would be a little careful when you go back. Don't do anything that could slow down your recovery - it isn't worth it since it will put you out for longer.

    As for me, yes I am bored out of my mind!! But after the last two days of rest I feel so much better.

  8. OK, my two cents worth although everyone is different. I had surgery on Monday and went back to work on Thursday. I have a sit down all day office job, but have to admit that first day back was a little tough. If I had to do it again, I would have taken an extra day or two. 5 days from surgery would have been perfect. I cannot even imagine having to be off more than a week for a laproscopic surgery unless there are complications. You will do great!

  9. I was out for 4 days. I had my surgery on Tuesday and was back to work on Monday. I could have gone back on Friday though if it wasnt for the drugs I was enjoying.

    I wasnt freaked out about pbing or sliming. And its not really that bad and you get used to it :)

  10. Hi Linda - thanks for your comment! I'll definitely follow you - I just had my first protein shake for pre-op!

    I can't speak to recovery, but I was on the phone with one of my best friends last night, and she is nervous of me having my surgery. I was talking to her, and she was saying that surgery is always dangerous, anesthesia, etc...and I said that is true, but those are very small chances. Whereas I am pretty confident if I don't have the surgery, I will develop diabetes, my knees and ankles will hurt even more than they do now, and I have no chance in hell of getting pregnany without hard core fertility treatment - and that would be a very dangerous pregnancy. So, I have become very confident that I need to do this.
    You will do great, I am sure!

  11. I had my surg on a Fri and returned to work the next Fri, followed by another weekend off. My spirit was ready to go to work by Tue but your body is going through such a massive change that I had NO energy. The energy part will be the kicker, and depending on how long you stay on pain meds. I quit the pain meds the day after surgery, when on them it makes it impossible for you to stay awake more than an hour, (at least it did for me).

    I didn't fear PB'ing and slimming b/c I don't guess I knew enough about it, I was a little worried. I have slimmed once, had something stuck once, and never PB'ed. And I'm 6 mths out. My doc says if you eat well (chew well and eat slow) it WON'T happen. so that is something you can control yourself.

    I was not scarred at all for the surgery b/c I knew it'd be so life changing and I was super stoked! I had a moment of worry incase I died in surg b/c I have 2 little boys, but I rationalized it to myself and quickly pepped up. The staff joked I hadn't even had the happy juice yet and I was laughing, joking, smiling and had normal blood pressure (they say almost all peoples bp goes up before surg b/c they are stressed), so that part was good too!

  12. The morning of surgery, as I was saying goodbye to my kids (they went to my mom's for the night) I started getting scared. I've had my fair share of surgeries, but suddenly I was terrified. That state of panic was short lived (thank goodness) but I kept myself busy to keep it from coming back. I had surgery on Tuesday and was working the next week. My schedule is flexible, so I could take that time off, but if necessary (and I had a desk job) I could have gone back after a few days.