Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Years Week~ 1st Post-op Visit with Surgeon

I feel like I am eating like a human once again. I am not sure if this is good or bad because I am reverting to some of my old eating habits, although I did eat a small chopped salad (mostly lettuce) yesterday which was refreshing and crunchy. My portion sizes are much larger now too as is my appetite! So I need to remain diligent until my first fill.

I see my surgeon for my first post op visit tomorrow. I will be exactly 18 days post op and I am wondering if he will give me a small fill. I think he normally waits until 6 weeks post op, but since I am tolerating food well, and eating more, and hungry every two hours, perhaps he will get me started. I will let you know what happens. I will weigh in tomorrow too. I don’t feel like I have lost any more weight since surgery which is about 12 pounds down total since the pre-op diet.

The things I am having a hard time with at the moment are (1) drinking enough liquid. I am lucky if I can get in 32 oz a day. I have never been a big water drinker, and 64 ounces seems like more than I can handle. (2) My protein is coming in around 40 grams a day. Need to keep working on that too to get to 60. I also see the dietitian tomorrow. My other issue (3) is writing everything down in a food journal.

In the back of my head, I keep thinking like I have every other holiday season in the past, I will start my diet after the New Year! Some habits are hard to break.

Good luck and Happy New Year to all of you this week and I will let you know if anything happens at the surgeon’s office.


  1. Linda, I am not a big water drinker either. One thing I do to help is fill up my 24oz water bottle with water and crystal light. I try to drink one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

    I normally drink once I get hungry after a meal. Many times it makes the hunger go away for a while. Then once I get hungry again I have my snack. So a typical day for meal is breakfast, water, snack, lunch, water, snack, dinner, water, snack (I am supposed to eat 6x day).

    This insures that I get 72oz. Some days when I am in a hurry I don't my water (or sometimes even a snack) in, but these always seem to be teh days that I have the most problems with hunger and am tempted to overeat.

    I don't think most doctors will give you a fill before 4 weeks, but you never know. Hopefully the dietition will give you some good ideas. I bet once you get your protein and water up you will feel better and have an easier time with the hunger.

    Good luck!!

  2. Please forgive the spelling and grammer problems above :)

    One thing to try is a Chicken Chili. I found one with white beans, chicken, and a seasoning package. It is really easy, but is loaded with protein, good carbs and is low in fat. Depending on your tastes and tollerances you can make it with ground chicken or cubed chicken (just slow cook it til it is really tender).

  3. I play a little game with my water. I have a water schedule in my head. I aim to drink one 20oz bottle on the way to work. Then another one after breakfast, and before lunch...then one after lunch before dinner...etc. If you space it out I think it is more do-able.

  4. I agree with the 20 oz bottle theory. I know it is not GREEN to buy those bottles, but if I start early in the day I have no problem getting 3 of those down without even realizing it. Keep working at it, you do need the fluids. As far as the hunger, it is just going to be this way for a while. Most likely even after your first fill you will be able to eat almost the same a preband. Just do your best and wait it out. I am just now after three fills beginning to get some restriction. Patience, it's hard but part of it! Good going!

  5. Just wanted to say, Happy New Year!!

  6. Hi Linda, Happy New Years. I never was a water drinker. I never dranked water I now drank water sparingly but I now always drank crystal light. I also have to make myself drank fluids. But I eat alot of watermelon EVERYDAY. Also I find when I exercise or walk I don't have much of an appetite after my band feels tight and I'm mot hungry. I need to get back to my routine because the holidays took a toll on me and I went crazy eating everything I wasn't supposed to. Good Luck and I will be following your progress.

  7. Linda, I haven't heard from you lately and I wanted to check in. I hope everything is going great!