Tuesday, May 12, 2009

45 pounds ago. . and now pictures

The above picture of me was taken about 9 years ago at about 220 lbs. I lost a bunch of weight (45 lbs) on a low fat liquid plan through a hospital. It worked, but of course I couldn't keep it off. ( The guy was a friend/boss from work) I think I was looking pretty cute that night!

This is me now:

I just got this picture from my nephew that was taken while we were in Florida this past March. That is my foxy older sister and great niece. There were a few of me in the gulf swimming that I have been wanting to see to help keep myself motivated and realize that this decision to be banded is the right decision.


  1. uhh...besides the fact that you are wearing a swimsuit and your hair is different...I can't tell a difference! seriously!

    Also, I have been thinking about you and your husband. Any luck on the job front for him?

  2. Amy, I didn't know you were seeing impared. I am sorry. (lol) He is negotiating with a Japanese company that he reps to pay for half of his salary if his company brings him back. It would be much less than what he was making but better than unemployment. Still not sure if we or they would pay insurance. Things are really bad up here in Michigan. I know they are bad everywhere, but I really think Michigan is headed toward if not already in a depression. But thank you for remembering and asking. We are hoping for the best. On top of that, the company that my brother and I co-run and own along with our Dad is having a hard time. I wake up at 4 am sometimes just freaking about about finances. I feel like I have gone from normal middle class to potentially poor in a matter of months. Very scary.

  3. Funny Linda , for a minute there I thought Amy had a problem, lol .Sorry about your situation, just pray , sometimes that is all we can do. You look great . Are you sure you need surgery?.

  4. Linda - you look great - seriously! And good luck on the job front... I'm sorry to hear things are tough there. Keep your chin up, and if you believe, keep praying!