Monday, September 14, 2009

Lady in line at the Salad Bar...WLS Person?

Just got back from lunch at this really cute place near my office called Insalata...pretty much a Salad Bar, Baked Potatoes, Pannini, place. Easy to get into on your lunch hour, and not too expensive. So I get in line for the salad bar and in front of me I notice this lady who picks up a small container (I got the big one) and proceeds to fill it with Tuna Salad, Cottage Cheese, some Sliced Hard Boiled Egg, and a few strawberry slices. So, immediately I think, OMG, this lady had WLS! She is eating pure protein, and a little fruit for dessert. I wish I would have payed attention to what her salad weighed. (you pay by the lb) Mine was 3/4 of a pound by the way. I really have no idea if this person had wls or not, or if she just prefers to eat this way...maybe she is on the South Beach Diet? But it occurred to me that my future lunches will look something like hers down the road.

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  1. Ooh I do that, too!

    After I had the surgery I was in San Diego, soooo newly banded and I was halfway convinced that every 3rd woman was banded, too! For me it was just the realization that I'd had this amazing life changing surgery.... and no one knew? So who else could be right there, waiting for the same plane as me and banded?