Thursday, July 9, 2009

Something to look forward to?

Went to my second Lap Band Support group meeting last night. Mostly made up of post op patients and just 3 of us who were pre op. One interesting thing that came up at the meeting was of course the subject of productive burps, or sliming, or throwing up. Everyone said, that it happens. One woman says it happens to her at least 5 times a week. They all said, that when they go to a restaurant, the first thing they do is check out where the bathrooms are so that they are prepared, just in case. To someone who eats and rarely throws up anything, it sounds horrific. But what was interesting,even with the PB/Slim is that they are all really happy with the band and would recommend it. Two of the women, who were over a year out of surgery, had only lost about 40 pounds each. The other two who were post op had lost about that much in the last 6 months since surgery. I will definitely keep going to these meetings. It is great to learn from those who have gone through it already.


  1. OK...that is NOT suppose to happen UNLESS you are eating to fast and not chewing. I know that Ive only PB'd 3 times since my surgery and that was 3 months ago and every time was my own fault because I was eating to fast and not chewing and the second I swallowed I knew it was comming right back up because the peice of food was not chewed properly. Soooo if you remember to slow down and chew chew chew like they tell you to You wont be like that.

  2. Yeah, I actually get stuck more at home then in restraunts, probably bc I am being careful out in public. I still dont chew like I should, but one helpful tip I learned is to put my fork or spoon down between bites. This slows done on the shoveling issue!

  3. I have never PB'd, thrown up, or slimed. *knock on wood* I asked my nutritionist about it on Monday (read my latest blog for more) and she told me I was doing everything right in order to NOT do those things and to quit worrying. She said it's not uncommon.

  4. Like Amy, I get stuck way more often at home than in restaurants -- and I agree that it's probably b/c I pay more attention to chewing when I'm out. It's not such a big deal to get stuck at home. . generally, I just slime a bit and then it passes and I'm fine.

    I don't PB very often at all. I'm pretty sure it's been less than once a month, though I haven't been keeping track.

    As for the restaurant bathroom scouting, it's not a bad idea to do, just in case you need it. But, you may be surprised to find out how infrequently you do need it, as long as you are chewing well.

    The whole PB/slime thing is much less of a big deal than I thought it would be. It definitely does not keep me from appreciating my band.

    Hope all is well with you! :)