Friday, July 17, 2009

A Kick in the Rear, Please!

Thought of all of you yesterday and all the wonderful progresses you have made since being banded. I really find all of your day to day stories so encouraging and can see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me. But I am really having a problem with getting motivated to exercise right now. So often I feel lethargic like all I want to do is just go home after work and lay on the couch. Or any energy I do have, I use for cleaning my house or getting dinner ready etc. My question is when did you all start feeling like you had the energy to start moving? Did it come naturally after you started dropping weight? I long to have that feeling of having tons of energy to accomplish things and be more active. It is really sad that I live in a great urban neighborhood where everyone walks/bikes to everything and I don't utilize it! Grocery stores, library, restaurants, bookstores, bars, shopping, you name it. And I only live 3 blocks from town! I can count the times I have walked or biked into town this summer on one hand. I just have no energy or motivation. I am wondering if this is all physical or partly mental with me. Or both. Of course it is harder to move around and it hurts more when you weigh 265 and 47 year old! But that is a poor excuse, don't you think? Help, I need some motivation and advise if you can give it. Feel free to be blunt even if it hurts to hear it. I think I need a good kick in the derriere!


  1. I am still waiting for that mystical energy that makes me want to get up and exercise. Even down 81 pounds, I don't notice...or maybe I don't stop to think about having more energy to get motivated to do things. I def can do things now for longer and with more gusto then when I was 326. Walk longer, workout harder, clean house for hours without taking a break.

    I think so much of it is mental. When I was banded and started walking to get ready for the 5k...I hated it. But after doing the 5k, my mind was like...I can walk 5 minutes over to the main hospital instead of drive (which is what I used to do here at work). It's a gradual thing. At my heaviest I wouldnt have wanted to walk not just bc I was lazy, but bc by the time i got there my back would have hurt, i would have been winded, and sweaty...but as you start to realize you CAN do kinda want to!

    I can't wait for you to be on this side Linda. You have done such a good job being patient.

    How is your hubby and the job situation?

  2. Thanks Amy, Hubby is good. . .job situation is the same. He is still working for the same company but with less pay. Not uncommon around here. People are just waiting for the economy to turn around and things to start selling again. Right now we are OK. In fact, just last night we were saying it has so far been a nice and relaxing summer. Staying home more than usual but that is OK. Monday is my 4th of 6 doctor visits and I will get my stress test results. I don't mind being patient. I feel like things are supposed to happen when they happen. I walked a whole 2 blocks to the grocery store last night! I am going to try to walk at least a couple blocks every excuses. I need to start conditioning my mind and body.

  3. Hi Linda gues who?
    Thank yoy for wonder about me, I just do a better job at reading, than at writting, but I try to follow the blogs and find my inspiration from there, as we all well know Amy is the QUEEN and headquaters, so be sure to always go to her.
    Energy comes on short supplies, and there is always something we want to do instead of that, but don't beat your self, you are also burning calories wile cleaning hose, I hope so anyway bc thats my excuse.
    Take care you are doing fine , I'll show my self around .

  4. Good to hear you are OK Yanetsy!!

  5. Linda, I had a very hard time motivating to exercise. There are a bunch of posts in my blog about how I wanted to motivate . . . but just plain old didn't.

    The only thing that works for me is a routine with a lot of structure and others depending on me to show up (and noticing and getting mad/annoyed if I don't).

    I know that you guys may be trying to spend less on extras right now, but a personal trainer might be just what you need. If that's too expensive right now, I'd recommend joining a beginner's exercise class of something you enjoy. It's a great way to get exercise, and it's also a nice place to meet nice new people.

  6. Hi Linda :-)

    For me it's mental. I think I have no energy and I force myself into the gym or out for a ride or whatever and lo and behold, I do have the energy and end up having even more after the workout is done.

    One of the best things I stumbled on when I was heavier and just starting to exercise was the mentality of: exercise to the point where I felt energized and then stop. In other words, don't over do it.

    I started with Curves. That was just the right speed for me then.

  7. Where are you Linda O? I miss you so!!!! Come back to us. I hope everything is going okay!

    Thinking of you,