Thursday, June 11, 2009

1st Lap Band Support Group Meeting and she wore Fake Louboton's

Went to the first Lap Band support group meeting last night sponsored through the hospital where I am signed up. The have another group called "Club Bariatrix" but that is mostly RNY patients. So I am glad they formed this LB group. The group had both pre and post surgery patients. But unfortunately we didn't have much time to talk because this first meeting was moderated by the region's Alergan-Lap Band Sales Rep. Well let me tell you it was a bit of a turn off. It was basically an hour of this woman selling us on their band. Which really didn't make sense, because we are all getting that brand of band anyway. That is the only one this hospital uses. Then to really ad insult to injury, she was super duper in shape especially for her age. . . her body was amazing, almost like Jillian Michaels if you can picture that. Like a size 2 maybe? She definitely works out which is great. Then someone asked her if she was a Lap Band patient and she said no, that she was clinically obese at one time but lost it on her own through traditional dieting. (Why do I hate hearing that sooo much?) And that she actually put about 10 lbs back on because she was obsessed and got too skinny. (PLEASE) She had really strong cut- up Michelle Obama/or Madonna like arms, and had a very dark tan, rock hard boobies and no forehead movement. She said "OK?" a lot too when she was giving her speech which kind of bugged me. She had gorgeous David Yurman diamond jewelry on, and when I saw her leave she got into her hot little black Mercedes. OK, so I am sounding very bitchy now aren't I? I sound jealous don't I? Well maybe I am just a little. But I really wish they would have sent someone to speak on behalf of the company who knows what the whole lap band experience is like. It would have "sold" me more, if that was what they were trying to do. On a side note she did mention that Alergan also is the seller of Botox and some sort of breast implants....but that she doesn't get those for free just because she works for the company.


  1.'s okay to hate. And that is like sending a rep to AA that reeks of booze. cruel. But maybe they think it is a motivater?

  2. LOL!!! Thats crazy that they would sent someone to "sell" something at a support group meeting...

  3. Hi Linda.

    Can you provide any more information your support group in Royal Oak? Is it through Beaumont? I had my surgery in Ypsilanti and really need a local support group to keep me on track