Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7 months 30 pounds. Slow but sure.

Long time no post...months actually. I barely have time to check email let alone keep up with how everyone is doing. So today I will check in and check everyone out.  I finally reached the 30 pound mark at 7 months. This last fill has really made a difference. I am eating half as much as before. And my appetite is pretty slim. I am almost wondering if I don't need a bit of an un-fill. It has only been a week, so I will give it a chance and see how it goes. I will be taking some new pics soon to post and see the diffenence. Funny thing is, this loss has been so gradual that not many people are saying much about my weight loss. I expect people to notice, but no one is saying anything. Weird. Oh, well. 30 is 30 and I am pretty happy about it.


  1. Way to go Mama!!! If they don't say something asap they def. will around 50 lbs down!!! That is a huge milestone and that is when even men notice! I can't wait to see your pictures!!!!

  2. Linda, your story sounds so much like mine! I did finally get some decent restriction at 7 months so it will get better! and people will start noticing. Tomorrow is my 10 month bandiversary and I am just now at about 43 pounds but the last few months have been the easiest, happiest and most productive so far. Congrats on your milestone. You are doing grat.

  3. I am a slow loser as well...It will get better! But 30 pounds is awesome anyway!

  4. Good job Linda! 30 pounds gone is significant. Hopefully this fill will take you where you need to be.
    No one said anything to me until about 40 pounds down, so it will come.

  5. Thanks for the heads up about your post...I hate missing posts by people who don't post often but I'm trying to follow.

    OK, first, no one noticed or said anything about my WL until about 40 lbs...it's frustrating, but just get ready...once the NSV's start it gets downright embarrassing, so start prepping those 'Who me, lost weight? Why yes, thanks for noticing!'

    Here's the advice; Ride out your restriction for a week more or so, but watch things closely (you didn't mention any stuck, PB, or reflux problems, but keep an eye on those). Don't let the 'soft food syndrome' become your routine after a few weeks. If you can't eat a solid protein like well-chewed chicken or hamburger by lunchtime, you're just too tight. Some people get a huge difference with just .1cc out even. Educated your Doc and work with him/her on getting things perfect.

    Can't wait to hear how it goes...and slow loser's unite! I lost less than the 1.5-2 pounds per week they promise too!

  6. Congratulations on losing 30 lb! It's been so long since you've posted, I hope you're still doing well.

    I'm also writing to ask you to post/email about my doctoral dissertation. While it's hard losing weight on your own, it's not necessarily easier with a spouse or partner. Sometimes partners/spouses undermine weight loss through acts like complaining about healthier food, gifting high-caloric foods, or even through abusive language/acts. I'm creating an anonymous, online survey to assess for partner undermining and to learn more from those who experience it.

    To be eligible to take the survey, participants need to have experienced this in their current relationship (of at least the past 2 years), and have been participating in a weight loss program for the past 5 consecutive weeks. For more info, see http://tinyurl.com/Clark-Study