Monday, November 16, 2009


I guess I need to take some before pictures right? I was just looking at Amy's recent pics of her bare back, and in her shirt with no pants....I love that girl! So it made me start to think about what I should wear for my before picture. Like maybe some tight sweats and a tank shirt? That way you get to see the bumps, lumbs, and flab. Or should I remain clothed in just some normal sweats that just show my size. Or, do the dignified, more ladylike thing and just wear normal clothes?  I am not sure, but need to figure it out pretty soon. . .

I am really starting to think about the surgery a lot now. (less than a month away) I am a bit scarred and worried and really freaked out about the lifestyle change this is going to be for me. My food life as I know it, will soon be very different.  As David Bowie said...Ch ch ch chaaanges! LISTEN  Maybe that can be my theme song when I am down? 

Also not looking forward to the pre-diet or liquid phase. It will be tough not being able to eat over the holidays. Christmas is only 14 days post-op, so I guess I will still be on liquids, or mushies, right? Not fun. Hopefully, I will have no appetite so it won't be a big deal. HOPEFULLY!!! But geeze, what is one holiday? I have treated my whole life like it was a holiday and ate everything is sight...

I am trying to read as much as I can to prepare myself for what is ahead. And will spend some time going back over some of your blogs, to see what you went through...


  1. I think you should be naked for your before pictures! you too! But for real. I think you should choose something tight bc it will show your form better and then when you take progression pictures, you can wear the same thing and it will be looser.

    OR, if you feel really brave...take some in a swimsuit. NOW, you dont have to post them, but I bet when you lose lots of weight you will post them with some rockin after pictures. Either way...take some so you have them bc it only gets better from here!

    I am so excited for you. I bet you will be able to nibble on some Christmas food...for real!

  2. Why not take them all? That way you can pick which one to use when you have the afters done. I am planning on taking a couple of just my face with my hair pulled back so I can see the real shape, but I still want to have a regular pic.

  3. Great blog, thanks for following me on my blog! :)

  4. Ok so my vote on pics is to wear the tightest thing you have to show your size. And then when you put it on 40 lbs lighter, it will be all lose. That makes for a great comparison pic. But if you're wary of what you will look like w/ stuff all bulging, take it from the chin down. Then do your own head shot. Then you at least have the good body shot you want...but don't have to own up to it if a stranger sees it on your computer. haha!

    The good thing about mushies and holidays is you can still have mashed potatoes and dressing, in moderation. Those are great mushies. And turkey is HIGH in protein. So I'm stoke to experience my first mini thanksgiving!

  5. I agree with the others, take before pics for sure! I took mine in tight biker type shorts & a tight tank top. I also had my DH take my before measurements. Which reminds me, I want him to take them again now that I go into Surgery in 2 DAYS!!

    Don't worry about Christmas Dinner, I am sure that you will be able to at least have some mushies!! Much better than all liquids. LOL

  6. Definitely take a bunch of before pics in different kinds of outfits. I even took some basically naked shots for myself which I will NOT be posting, ever! :) But, it's interesting for me to be able to see them in contrast to how I look now.